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How we present your position to a candidate


In this video, we will discuss how we present your position to a candidate.

Communication is important and how we present a job to a candidate is very important. We begin with the premise that we represent our client. We want to put you in the best possible light.

In this video, we describe how we present your job to a candidate. However, first we will explain something that we don’t do at Right Recruiting. When Jeff first got into the recruiting business, he was trained to fill a job with a candidate, just as a car salesperson closes a prospect on a car. He felt that approach was wrong.
The decision to accept a job can be one of the most important decisions that a person makes in their life. In some ways, it is the second most important decision that they make next to who they marry. It is much too serious of a decision to rely on manipulation to get a result that might not be positive for both parties. It is also not fair to the client. Tricking someone into taking a job does not foster a long term employment relationship.

Our goal is not to simply get someone to fill the job. Rather, our goal is to find a person who will embrace the job and prosper. Everyone on our call list receives a specific job brochure. Anyone who is interested is scheduled for a call to speak with Cathy and Jeff (you will meet Cathy in a later video).

That discussion is about 45 minutes long and we break it into two segments. In the first segment, Jeff carefully goes over the opportunity and company culture. All candidate questions are answered. We pay a lot of attention to their questions and the way that they communicate. The goal is to understand them as a person.

In the second segment of the call, Cathy takes over. Her conversation is much more traditional with specific questions about their experience. Based on that information, we develop a candidate profile. That is sent to you along with their resume. It gives you our honest and straightforward impression of the candidate, including strengths, weaknesses and their motivation. We want you to see the person, not just the paperwork.

We make our process both pleasant for the candidate and thorough for the client. Here is how we know that. Some of our current clients were once candidates who we approached about jobs. Even if it wasn’t a match, they were impressed by our professionalism and asked us to help them recruit for their open jobs.

In fact, a week ago, prior to writing this, we spoke to a VP of HR for a position in Texas. Even though it was not a good fit for him, he commented that we knew more about our client than his internal people know about his company. Jeff explained that we have worked for this particular client for five years and know them very well. He laughed, commenting that his internal recruiters turnover yearly. They are not there long enough to gain a depth of knowledge. That explains why.

In our next video, we discuss how we communicate to you as our client. Our client update process is extensive and we don’t leave you in a vacuum.

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