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Management Consulting

Management Consulting

We are not just a recruiting firm, we can help you with your strategy.

Finding the right person for the right job is not as easy as it sounds. Frequently, employers find themselves with tasks that they know need to be done, but they lack a clear idea of where that task belongs in their organizational structure or a vision of what qualifications an individual must have to be successful in that task. Furthermore, employers struggle to create seamless streams of talent within their organizations—pools of people that not only help the organization grow, but will also grow with the organization. It’s in these situations that businesses benefit from the expertise of management consulting firms.

This may sound odd, but occasionally companies don’t know what type of person they want when they first contact us. Many of the jobs we fill are newly created openings. There is no template in place to base the candidate qualifications around. They have a task that needs to be done but often don’t know where to put it in their structure or, sometimes, what qualifications are required in an outsider to fill that role. It’s often not as easy as saying, “I want someone doing the exact same job from a competitor.” For a variety of reasons, that’s usually not a good idea.

How Right Recruiting can help

Right Recruiting will evaluate your current organizational structure and make suggestions to strengthen your weaknesses and add to your existing strengths. We look at how comparable companies have dealt with similar challenges, leading to best practice solutions and new ideas. Then we’ll work with you to develop an organizational structure that positions you for maximum growth and structure candidate specifications so that the opportunities are attractive to the people you need in your organization. And, just like that, you’ll have the right people in the right jobs at the right time.

Right Recruiting can help Management Consulting in three ways

  • We can evaluate your current structure and make suggestions based on existing strengths and weaknesses in your organization. We want to strengthen your weaknesses, not just add to existing strengths.
  • We can look at how similar companies have dealt with the same problem.  This research can often bring you a best practice concept that can open up new ideas.
  • We can structure the final candidate specifications so that it is attractive to the people you want to hire. After all, it doesn’t help to create a job that the ideal candidate will not want to accept.

The right resume on the right desk at the right time.