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Operations Recruiting

Operations Recruiting

From 2017-2019, Right Recruiting has completed 49 projects in Operations, Quality and Supply Chain ranging from Lean/CI Managers, Plant Managers, Quality and Supply Chain Managers.

Recruiting for operations and supply chain people can be daunting. Good people are hard to find but, to complicate matters, scale is an important variable as well. What is scale? To put it simply, scale is a way to define the scope of the job. There are two measurements to scale:

1) How large is the organization to be managed? Certainly managing 300 people is different than managing 40 people. Yet, both groups may be managed by a Plant Manager. Operations is not title specific. To make good choices you need to factor in size of the organization as well.

2) How independent is the person? Someone managing a 300 person plant and reports to a Director of Operations who, in turn, reports to a VP of Operations, may have less opportunity to exercise judgement than a person who manages a 40 person plant and reports to a non-technical CEO at a small company.

When we evaluate operations people, we take a holistic approach. Rather than just look at titles or industries, we look at culture and scale. Why culture? Because operations is about people. Culture is the ocean that people swim in at a company.

Recent operations projects have included:

Plant Managers in Minnesota and Texas

Directors of Operations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Mississippi

Supply Chain Managers in Pennsylvania as well as multiple Production and Quality Manager roles.

Regardless as to whether you are a mid-sized company seeking operations people for your team, or an owner/CEO of a small growing firm, our experience can help you make the right decision.

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