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Primary areas of communication


In this video we will discuss how we present your position to a candidate.

For many recruiter’s communication with clients means sending the candidate resumes. But what other type of communication is important? Well, for us at Right Recruiting there are 2 primary areas of communication.

The first is Process Communication. How is the recruiting process going? Imagine you are an HR person with an anxious manager. To you, our process is an important tool to manage that internal client. Weekly, you will receive a report from us that lists the candidates we have targeted, where they work and their response to the opportunity. Along with that, you will get a synopsis that explains our progress. You will know what has been done to date and what to expect. Many of our clients find this useful. The manager will see the behind the scenes progress. Keeping a manager informed is critical to keep a manager happy. Another value is that with a tight labor market and narrow specs, the metrics can validate a request that the manager recalibrate their specs. If you say to a manager that the recruiter has spoken to over 300 candidates and none are interested of acceptable, you have data that might move the manager in a better direction. Good process communication is a good tool.

The second type of communication is people communication. We spend 45 minutes with each candidate that we send to you. Along with the resume you will receive notes regarding that conversation. These notes describe their personality, their motivation, their potential commute and other general information. It describes the real person behind the resume. This allows you to tailor your interview to that specific candidate and make your interview process more efficient.

In summary, you pay us for a process that gets you the best candidate.

In our next video, we will talk about the hidden importance of the candidate pre interview prep.

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