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The RIGHT Solution to Recruiting

Right Recruiting | Facts

If you are a VP or Director of Human Resources at a small, mid-market or Fortune 1000 Company recruitment will be complicated. You have a large problem and none of your typical solutions are optimal. Small and medium enterprise recruiting is a challenge. You have the same need as the largest companies, but you don’t have their budgets. Mid-market hiring strategies offer many imperfect solutions.


Jeff Zinser, Right Recruiting’s owner, is the primary recruiter on most Right Recruiting projects. Jeff has been recruiting for professionals in Philadelphia and nationally for over 40 years. We believe that there is no one in the US who has personally filled more openings than Jeff.


In a typical 6-month period, we will likely have recruitment projects in engineering, finance, marketing, operations, and sales recruiting Our clients can be anywhere, from here in the Philadelphia area to California, to Alabama to Florida and cities in between. We have worked successfully with clients as small as 10 people to large multi-billion dollar firms.


Growing companies need to create new positions and functions. We work with our clients to come up with solutions that should lead to long-term hiring success. Company growth needs to be factored into recruiting plans. We give our clients insight on that.


In any year, and at any one time, you will have job openings to fill in multiple locations, all in different disciplines. Each will need a specific hiring strategy. How can you predictably and affordably fill the positions for the business? Each job is important to your internal clients but there is no clear way to make everyone happy. A mid-market company may have a Territory Sales Manager opening in Seattle, a Plant Manager opening in Tampa and a FP&A Manager position at corporate needing attention, all at one time. A small market company may be faced with openings for newly created jobs. New skills need to be brought into any growing company to strengthen key business areas.


Imperfect Solutions

Solution One

Build an internal recruiting team. Sounds great. But there are hidden problems:

1) It’s Expensive. Even a small internal recruiting department of 2-3 people can cost over $300k once you add salaries, benefits and recruitment expenses. Plus, what happens during a slow quarter?? Do you lay them off?

2) Turnover. Internal recruiters leave jobs frequently. If one person leaves every year, you need to replace and train 50% of your team annually. By the time someone learns your company and culture, they often leave for greener pastures.

3) Centralization hurts remote locations. A centralized corporate function often does not fully appreciate the challenges at remote sites and locations. This creates a “second class citizen” culture among line managers who feel that they are being ignored.


Solution Two

Use Third Party Recruiters for recruitment process outsourcing. There are problems here too.

Good third-party recruitment vendors are hard to identify and manage. Your selection process is tough and filled with potential potholes. If you are based in Atlanta with locations in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Oregon and Texas, who do you call? Here are a few things to consider:

1)Large national recruiting firms basically just farm out the actual recruitment to junior recruiters at the specific projects’ location. You end up talking to an Account Manager, but the candidates you are recruiting talk to a 23 year old who doesn’t have the necessary training, let alone recruiting knowledge and experience. How does that help you?

2) You can try to select multiple vendors who specialize in each discipline or location. But, as a rule, more vendors brings more problems. What if your remote locations have needs that can’t be serviced by a convenient local market recruiting agency? Juggling vendors is complex.

3) Expensive. If you have 10 openings a year averaging $90k in salaries, that’s usually over $200k in fees using most pricing structures. Those fees can easily double for higher level jobs and more volume. Ouch!

4) Lack of Accountability. Many traditional recruitment firms don’t focus on one specific client. They take an assignment and see if they have anyone relevant in the queue. If not, they look for an easier assignment. You get excuses, not resumes. There is more on this in our series of recruitment videos. Watch our Video Introduction Series


Right Recruiting

A Possible Solution

That leads you to us. We can give you peace of mind on all of those Issues. We combine the personal relationship of a smaller firm with the national reach of a large firm. For the small and mid-market firm (SME) seeking an outsourced recruiting answer, we can represent comfort in a stressful world. Think of Right Recruiting as an internal recruitment team that you rent when your business needs a skillful recruiting strategy. Here is what we can do:

1) Fees. We can set up a fee structure for multiple openings that can drive the fee down to somewhere between 10% and 15%. Multiple projects provides us with economies of scale. So does a client who can give us consistent projects. We pass those savings onto you.

2) Accountability. You will have the same person working on all of your projects and that person will speak to every candidate that you interview at least twice. That recruiter will have decades, not years, of experience in multiple recruitment disciplines, as well as, national, regional and local markets. We don’t have scores of marginally trained recruiters. We have a select group of recruiters supported by a larger staff of research and administration.

3) Knowledge. We have created research that demonstrate both where we have filled jobs and the type of jobs we’ve filled. All of them by the same team, by the way. Our case study page talks about some specific clients as well. View our Case Studies

4) Information. You get weekly updates on the recruitment process to share with managers. Those updates include call lists and summaries of progress. You also receive a write up with each resume that we send that gives you an idea of the person behind the paper. This can help you with managers who do not understand today’s employment market.

5) Effort. We are the hardest working team in our industry.

The right resume on the right desk at the right time.