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How to Choose an Engineering Recruiting Firm

One of the most effective ways to find the professionals you’re looking for is to trust the services of engineering recruiting services. These firms have experience locating and recruiting the people that possess the skill set you’re looking for, saving you valuable time sifting through numerous resumes and conducting interviews. But, it can be difficult to know which engineering recruiting firms will do the best job; fortunately, here’s how to find the best recruiting firm.

Determine Your Staffing Needs

Although you probably already know what type of staff you’re looking for, you also need to consider what type of employee you need including temporary, project-based help, part-time permanent help, or full-time positions. This will help you find an agency that will not only specialize in your line of work, but an agency that also has experience filling both temporary and permanent positions.

Examine Recruitment Process

When you’re considering different engineering recruiting companies, examine closely their recruiting process. Ask about the database they maintain and how long they keep prospective employees on file. It’s also important to understand how aggressive their recruiting process is and what they can offer to potential employees in order to attract the talent you’re looking for. In many cases, a more qualified employee is more interested in the benefits offered than the pay itself.

Shop Around

As part of your search for the right recruitment firm, take your time to look at different companies, both large and small. Not only should you visit their location to get a feel for the company, but you should have them visit your office as well so that they can learn about your company’s culture and get to know the people they’ll be working with. Learn about turnover rates in the company as well.

Managing Style and Communication

Finally, get a sense of the company’s management style and practices. Since the recruitment company is an employer, you need to find a favorable management style that will attract top talent and retain it as well. You can learn a lot about a company from how they communicate over the phone and through email. Not only should communication be clear and frequent, but it should also be professional.

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