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The Role of Recruitment Agencies

Job interviewRecruiting agencies are relied upon more and more by companies both large and small. The process of recruiting new talent can be time-consuming, not to mention costly. Many businesses have found that it’s faster, easier, and more affordable to use a recruitment agency instead.



Initially putting the word out may have actually become more complicated, with online sites being the primary method today. While some websites are general purpose and well-known, there are industry specific websites that cater to particular backgrounds and skill sets. It’s not always obvious how beneficial those specialized resources can be. Recruiting agencies are familiar with these options and are knowledgeable of the returns that they tend to produce. A recruiting agency can put together an effective strategy for making your position and your company visible to the right talent pool.


Obviously, this is an important step. This is not an occasion where you will be wanting quantity over quality. Having a thousand unqualified candidates applying to the same position is a waste of time and effort. You don’t want to bother sorting through those résumés or CVs, and your recruiting agency won’t want to, either. Targeting the right talent is crucial to finding the best person for your role and for making the most efficient and effective use of the recruiter’s efforts.



An initial assessment or review of a potential hire is a necessary step. While many companies rely on software to weed out some applications initially, it’s not foolproof. There’s simply no substitute for the human touch. Reviewing backgrounds, education, and experience, and thoroughly vetting each candidate, are essential. This process may include an initial phone screening, as well as contacting references or verifying credentials. Technical fields will often require specific certifications, so that’s something that simply cannot be overlooked.


Many of the best executive recruitment agencies will also perform initial testing if needed. This can include personality tests, assessments of management styles, or hard skills quizzes. Many businesses have found that reviewing soft skills can also be helpful, since it saves them from interviewing people who won’t fit the corporate culture or don’t present a professional image. As you can see, recruitment agencies can play many roles, all of which are focused on saving you time, energy, and money, while providing you with the talent you need.

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