Clients and Case Studies

Here, you will find a partial list of retained clients. They represent everything from Fortune 500 international firms to growing regional companies to small owned/operated employers. They share a common goal of finding the best people for all levels of their organization.


Recent projects within these clients have included everything from CEO down to junior level professionals. In between have been VP Operations, VP HR, Engineering Director, Product Manager, VP Sales/Marketing, to name a few.

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Case Studies

horizon services

Horizon Services – East Coast

With 800 employees and growing, Horizon Services is one of the largest residential services firms in the US. They contracted with us for two purposes. First, ownership was concerned that their growth would outpace their corporate infrastructure so they asked us to help create a corporate team at the VP level. This effort resulted in multiple new VP’s, all brought into our client from larger firms. Our second task was to develop a predictable pipeline of internal talent for the operations part of their business. Each new business unit they opened would need 7-8 supervisors and managers, most of whom would have to be hired from the outside. We’ve been working with Horizon for three years and have been proud to help them triple in revenues with no end in sight. They have since referred us to peers in Kentucky and Idaho to help them get to the same level of success.

truck pro

Truck Pro – Memphis, Tennessee

Our client, a Memphis based firm, is one of the largest truck parts distributors and retailers in the mid-West. The contacted us with a problem. As part of their expansion, their Vice President of Human Resources needed to upgrade his team to support growth but had exhausted his local labor pool for contacts. He needed help to fill multiple positions, from Director of Human Resources on down. Our strategy was to identify candidates from outside the Memphis area but who would be interested in moving there – for personal and family reasons. We wanted to give them an opportunity to move home. Our research team was able to identify people nationally who fit the profile and we were able to complete the project successfully.

zodiac aerospace

Zodiac Aerospace – East Coast

Zodiac Aerospace is a multibillion dollar European aerospace products manufacturer with 20+ US manufacturing plants. As part of a corporate initiative to integrate lean and continuous process practices in their plants, they asked us to pursue candidates for multiple positions in their firm. Working with their US Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Executives in France, we were able to obtain candidates for positions based in both New Jersey and Atlanta. At least one of the candidates has been promoted already at Zodiac.

Tote Incorporated – Jacksonville, Florida

Tote is a shipping and maritime firm with corporate headquarters in New Jersey and locations near Seattle and Jacksonville. They had a unique problem. Because of their disparate locations, their corporate culture was very location-focused and not company-oriented. They wanted to change that by adding a Vice President of Human Resources who would manage staff at all locations but be based in Jacksonville. After searching on their own for three months, they contacted us. This project required the coordination of interview schedules with Tote executives in Seattle, Jacksonville, and New Jersey. They ended up with a candidate who was located in Jacksonville – right in their own backyard!


Woodstream – Lancaster, PA

Woodstream is a growing $300,000,000 manufacturing firm moving into new markets. They needed to expand their existing Program Management team (which we created and staffed for them in 2007) and add 5 BS Mechanical Engineers with MBA’s for strategic corporate roles. We worked with them to expand the candidate pool beyond their local market and identify high-potential people nationally interested in the Lancaster area. This national campaign involved vetting people for relocating practicality as well as skills and motivation. This project took 3 months and we were able to identify a solid mix of candidates, both local and national, to help Woodstream grow.

Frequently asked questions

What does this diverse group of companies have in common?

They are all entrepreneurial companies interested in finding good people and getting good service from a vendor.

How can you work with so many different companies?

We work hard to know each client and understand their specific business model and interests. We are not industry specific – we are client specific.

Why do companies use you for both executive and more generalized search projects?

We take every client and candidate seriously, no matter the size of the company or the experience level of the candidate.

The right resume on the right desk at the right time.