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Who is Right Recruiting?

There is no sales pressure at our executive search firm, so transaction-driven management does not interfere with providing the best recruiting services for our clients.

We have two divisions – Contingency and Retained Search. While the scope of the assignments in each division can vary dramatically, our business philosophy remains the same for each. We would like to explain our general philosophy and how we approach business recruiting. In the tabs on each division, we have a reasonably detailed description of what we do.


We are not salespeople. The normal impression of a recruiter is of a slick-talking guy who can “sell” someone into taking a job. We often get resumes for jobs here at Right Recruiting where people say that they are good salespeople. We throw those resumes away.



  • They are intelligent. After all, if they aren’t, why would we be recruiting them?
  • They are allowed to have their own goals and motivations. In other words, some people want a rapid career track, some people want more time with their family, and some people want an immediate income bump. All are valid choices. It’s our job to identify their true motivations.
  • Career choices are the second most important decisions candidates make – second to who they marry. The monumental nature of a career decision a candidate makes dwarfs any fee that Right Recruiting will get. Candidates don’t like people who play games with their lives, nor should they.

Right Recruiting | Blue Bell PA | Best HR Executive Recruiting Agency Philadelphia
Right Recruiting | Blue Bell PA | Best Executive Hiring Services Recruiting Agency Philadelphia


  • They want someone who will accept the job and who will want to stay in the job for at least 5 years, ideally more.
  • They know that the employment process is an outside reflection of their culture and workplace. In other words, they actually want the process to reflect well of them as a company.
  • They are also intelligent. Once again, if they aren’t, why would we be working for them?
  • They hate surprises. We assume that employers hate to find out things about candidates at the last minute or hate unpredictable scheduling or candidate behavior.


We assume that the right person for the job is the person who can do the job at the appropriate salary level and who is motivated to accept the job for reasons consistent with long-term employment at the company. That’s a long sentence but it basically means that filling a slot is not enough for us. We want to fill the job with someone who likes the job and company for long-term reasons, not just because it’s expedient today.


With all these assumptions, how does Right Recruiting maximize its business? In other words, what does it mean that we are an information business?


Let’s take two recruiters at two different companies. Recruiter A is a great salesman at a firm that values his ability to talk people into a job. They have a small database of candidates and companies. Let’s quantify that as a database the size of 50 “units”. Recruiter B works at a company that values general communication skills, but also values information.


Because of that, rather than spend their money on sales training, they spend their money on technology and research. Hence, it has a large database – let’s say 200 “units” in size.


Hopefully, it’s obvious what happens now. Recruiter B has four times as many contacts as Recruiter A. There is twice as much of a chance that Recruiter B will find someone who matches both the short-term and long-term potential of the job. That means that Recruiter B has less of a need to cut corners with the truth, both to the candidate and to the client. This works out best for all parties.


In case you haven’t guessed it by now, Recruiter B works at Right Recruiting. There is no real mystery to recruiting. If I can present a job possibility intelligently to 100 people, we have a better chance at a successful placement than someone who can only present the job to 20 people. Common sense, right?


Right Recruiting wants to know about as many employees, executives, and companies in its market so that it can intelligently and efficiently bring together those that fit each other’s short-term and long-term needs.

Right Recruiting – A leading executive search firm helping business to find the right candidate for the job. Contact us for a consultation!

Right Recruiting | Blue Bell PA | Executive Recruiting Agency Philadelphia

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