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The Last Few Feet of a Race

The Last Few Feet of a Race: How Do you Make Employers Feel the Urgency To Pull the Hiring Trigger?

We ran into an interesting situation with a project today and wonder if anyone has seen anything similar. Both my HR client counterpart and I are very frustrated. We did a good job on recruiting for a Plant Manager position and the VP Operations has 2 finalists. He wants to hire one of the two and each has had 4 interviews.  He just needs to make up his mind and make the offer.

We just realized that now he is not in a hurry because, in the VP’s mind, he’s already filled the job and has mentally moved onto other things. My HR counterpart and I both know that the candidates are anxious but our VP is immune to that.  He is relaxed and thinks he just needs to push a button. We are nervous and fear the button may just open a trap door to oblivion if he takes too long. Arrrgh!

How do we light a fire under a damp blanket?

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Upon being retained for a search, or a new search, set a clear timeline and expectation for the company (maybe include a financial incentive) for the employer to make a final decision after finalists have been determined and met. 5-10 business days seems very reasonable.

While nobody wants to lose an account, by NOT setting the expectation it will result in more of the same down the road, or the account dropping you, or worse, candidates losing faith in the company, recruiter, or both. A companies organization and decision making prior to and including the final offer stage has almost always been consistent with their decision making once inside the company. Potential employees know this.

Right has a great opportunity to aid accounts in size that often do not have the HR capacity or interest to conduct a search, but setting the expectation of timelines on the front end will ensure a smooth process and likely garner more work as the employer sees Right aiding in a vital role .

“Thanks Andy. That is a good idea. I will run it up to Jeff and maybe include it in our contracts. Maybe the best approach would be a discount for timely execution of an offer. That would incent and not penalize.”

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